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Increase your production capacity

Modern technology, knowledge and experience enable us providing excellent solutions for your problems.

Industrial Maintenance gathers a team of young experts, who based on their knowledge and experience of working in different industrial sectors can increase your production capacity with minimal investment.

Automation of existing machines

By automating your manufacturing process you can have a smaller time-delays as well as safer course of production.


Reconstruction and modernization of existing equipment

You do not necessarily need to invest in new equipment if the existing one could be modernized and adapted to market conditions.


Electrical engineering

Did you know that by using a special way of turning machines in operation, with minimal investment and modernization, you can save energy?


Our work and identification of problems at industrial production market resulted in professional services that can meet all the needs of your production process.


Industrial robotics is a branch that develops at incredible pace and brings the possibility of faster production of high-quality machines.


Production of special machines

All machines at the market are made to improve certain part of production process. If you have an idea of such machine, we can realize it.


Used machinery sales

Buying a new machine can be a cost that you currently cannot afford. We can find you a quality used machine at a good price.


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