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A modern way of electrical engineering can help you reduce energy consumption

Use knowledge of reactive power compensation and smart power machines to reduce energy consumption for 40%

Industrial Maintenance experts in electrical engineering process perform all key steps :

  • Creating Electrics Diagram

    All document are produced according to the PID diagram that is delivered by us or end user
  • Creation of electrical cabinets

    Continued process made on the basis of electrical diagrams , e.g. installation of equipment inside the cabinet
  • Delivery service

    In order to make our service complete, we deliver everything to the location our client chooses.
  • Project cost estimating

    Cost estimate includes elaborated macroime that we use when drawing and making electrical scheme
  • Electrical cabinets testing

    We conduct a test of validity of the developed electrical cabinets and provide you with the standards and certificates of safety for the devices.
  • Installation of electrical cabinets

    We install electrical cabinet on the end-user location

How can installation of modern electrical devices, compensation and automatic turning machines help your production?

- If the cost are well calculated , energy savings can be significantly noticeable

- Special savings refers especially to the wood industry , since the plants in that branch are of older generation

- Making a precise calculations as well as creating modern electrical systems can enlarge the savings , and make the return visible on a monthly basis

You want to reduce the cost and power consumption of your business?

Try out our knowledge and experience, take advantage of our services and contact us.


The process involves the production and consumption of electricity, which in most cases is a major expense for the company. These costs, with minimal investment, can be drastically reduced by taking advantage of the development of modern technology.