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Introduce yourself to Industrial Maintenance team!

We are a team of young experts dealing with industrial maintenance.

Why have we invested so much knowledge, experience and work in our services? Because only then can we believe in the quality of our work.

Years of experience in industrial maintenance and automation of production facilities, as well as learning by solving new problems have led us to the level of providing quality service, which we consider the main value of our work.

Our engineers are trained and certified for the production of PLC, SCADA / HMI , Teleservice and applications in industrial automation in various areas of renowned brands (Siemens , Codesys , Wonderware , Progra, eWON etc. ) . Their education helps to provide improved service quality.

Our vision is to provide customers with maximum support in the organization of preventive and corrective maintenance, spare parts procurement services , automation of existing plants , energy saving and machinery life extension.

Cooperation with Industrial Maintenance team helps to:

  • Go through the process safely and at no extra costs
  • Improve product quality
  • Improve control and supervision of the project
  • Increase production capacity

We offer solutions for systems control, management and expansion of existing platforms with new system, or renewing the old one in order to make it completely functional and modern

Having our own production hall and the necessary equipment, as well as experienced staff, enables us to make the machine / plant from the development to the installation and commissioning

We adapt our service to clients' needs – we answer quickly to all your queries, suggestions and requests . Contact our team.