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Modernization and renovation of existing equipment

You do not have to invest in new machines, if the existing ones can be adjusted to the needs and requirements of the market

Industrial production and the change of circumstances in the market in some cases do not allow investment in new equipment. Although we all like new and modern, sometimes there is no need for large and questionable investments if your machines can be modernized.

Complete renovation of old machines

Your plant and machinery are completely adjusted to the needs of the market, so in a short period of time you can produce a required quantity of quality products.

Preventive and corrective services

Repairs on machines and plants represent a huge cost, which in most cases can be avoided by proper, quality and regular service.

Our service is fully adapted to your needs and possibilities. That is why special attention is paid to the cost-effectiveness of the whole process, to avoid additional costs for your business. With minimal investment , we perform blasting operations , restoration of the housing , replacement of bearings , chains , sprockets , conveyors , cylinders , valves , electronics and anything else that could help your machine to become more productive work equipment .

You want to rebuild and modernize your equipment ?

Avoid damage and increase production on time!


In these types of renovation and modernization it is crucial to find a reliable partner because substandard work may bring you to higher costs and investments that will not pay off.