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Sales of used machines for wood industry

You need a new machine, but you are not able to invest in the purchase ? Find used machine of excellent quality at lower price

Our experience and knowledge of machines allows us to find a quality used machine of all types and purposes in the wood industry

Can the purchase of used machinery be safe?

When buying used machines, it is important to recognize their quality to avoid high costs of repair after purchase. Industrial production depends on the machines, and quality second-hand machinery in the wood industry is an excellent way of increasing production and saving large investments.

What can we offer?

We can find any machine you need ( presses , planers , grinders , optimizers , circulars , CNC machines , wrappers , edgers , compressors , air dryers... ) and ensure that the investment in it is profitable.

Want to get a quality used machine and increase your production?

Contact our professional team and get a guarantee on the purchase of resale.


Each purchased machine can be fully restored, adapted to the needs of your business. Besides that, we can give you a guarantee on our work.