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Ensure continuous quality, save resources and improve production

Installation of industrial robots can improve the quality of your products and reduce the possibility of human error

New technology has brought us to the point where we can develop machines to the smallest detail. Increased safety of workers, a greater amount of products and production speed automatically help save your resources.

We produce the "pick and place" robot - manipulators

Take advantage of technology and bring your production to a quality level that follows the requirements of the market

We monitor and control the operation of industrial robots

Ensure the integrity of the machines you work with to avoid anything that could negatively affect your production

We offer complete service in the field of industrial robotics, which includes:

  • planning and drawing of process- plan PID diagram
  • developing applications, e.g. sequences of the various functions
  • our experience with Kuka and ABB robots
  • systems optimization
  • connecting the robot and peripherals via PROFIBUS
  • programming , testing and launching robots at the customer
  • creating a simulation to the real situation
  • new and used robots installation

How exactly industrial robotics affects production?

Industrial robots directly affect the speed of production. The advantages of such production processes allow the repetition of the same action a number of times, with no loss in quality of output product. In addition, safety of the workers who now occupy the supervisory role of the management machine is increased. Proper maintenance and selection of robots can bring you long-term savings and a better placing on the market in which you operate.

Want to improve your production using industrial robotics?

Contact our professional team and take advantage of modern technology, knowledge and work experience in the industry.


Industrial robotics is an area of technology that is developing at an incredible speed. See how it looks in practice in the case of simulation painting coffin with two robots.