How does the process of automation look like in practice?

Until we got to the automation process, the entire process worked exclusively semi-automatic. Each step depended on the presence of workers and accordingly a certain amount of human error was present. Find out what it meant and what automation means today using the example of the production process of tile adhesives.

How did the previous system look like?

For quality work of such line any work required five people in each shift. Each of them had to pay attention to the amount of each tank, the density and the exact composition of the desired product. Their work included dosing certain media in specific percentages and test of the product’s final composition.

If in such a process a problem occurred, the operator could not have known that something was wrong, if he was not close to the problem that arose. The whole system could in that way stand for hours without anyone noticing that the production had stopped.

What kind of change did automation bring?

Automation on the existing system included only one man who controlled the system and monitor the production. The system is designed to automatically calculate budget dosing, checks them and corrects if necessary. Due to such an operation, the verification and control of the finished product was not necessary.

The interface of the whole program was made on the “user friendly” way and in cooperation with the end user. In addition, the whole system allowed accurate print reports and allowed the operator to keep the process under control and achieve savings. There was no longer any need to invest in the line, just to maintain it.

Specific advantages in the production include the speed of production that was increased by 300 % , the fact that the operator did not have to be present all the time, reduction of cost in terms of time and material, as well as the raised quality of the end product .

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